Sterek AU: Derek gets a job as a mechanic and then very much regrets telling Stiles where he works. If he has to hear one more joke about rim jobs or lube, he’s going to throw a spanner at Stiles head. Or make out with him. It’s a toss up.

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When your reveal episode, the pivotal moment where you tell your audience the Big Bad, in the tradition of Teen Wolf, and you start unraveling the mysteries that you have kept so badly guarded, is your lowest rated of your Season, with 1,484 Million Viewers, the 4th lowest rated Episode in all the run and the lowest rated episode since 1.10 then you know you and your writers and your PR team have made a huge mistake and there is no going back.

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so! many! things! to say! do i choose:

1. the Brotherhood of the Traveling Scruff


2. there’s only so much scruff to go around. one gets some, one loses some.


3. when i saw Dylan’s scruffy little face the other day i said i woke up in an alternate universe and now i’ve seen Hoechlin’s not-scruffy little face and i know it’s true


4. even though he still has plenty of time to grow it back before they begin filming, this is going to set off renewed speculation that Hoechlin is leaving the show, because now we’re all in a habit of tracking Hoechlin’s body hair as a source of information re: his status on Teen Wolf. every follicle on this poor dude’s body is analyzed with CSI levels of intensity LOOKING FOR CLUES.

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"Stiles," Derek sighs, eyes remaining closed. "Go to sleep."

"I’m trying," Stiles says, pulse quickening.

"No, you’re not. You’re staring at me." He slowly opens his eyes then, meeting Stiles’ gaze in the dim darkness of the boy’s bedroom. Stiles smiles, feeling his heart flutter warm in his chest. Derek blinks. "What?"

Stiles inches closer, moving his arm to play with Derek’s hair rather than his own. Derek’s eyes flicker over his face, filled with wonder.

"You look adorable when you sleep," Stiles admits in a murmur.

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"I have read my OTP fall in love a thousand times, and I shall read my OTP fall in love a thousand times more"
— Me (via aiditalks)
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can we all just have a minute of silence for all those good hair days no one important saw you

Daniel Sharman’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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you were my BDFF…

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