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#two of the many moments Derek left Stiles speechless #with an unexplainable boner

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I’m with you till the end of the line.

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derek hale + knowing how to make an entrance

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If he asked, I’d be his.

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Reblog if you are a Sterek shipper



Well, I think we should do this well. Without cheating.

Today I known that the post with more than 10 million notes is not real, so I decided to make a real one from the beginning.

I hope people reblog this. I think we should achieve that Teen Wolf hears our voices, and really know how many Sterek shippers are around here and the fandom.

I don’t know if someone has already tried this. In that case, I apologize for start over with this.

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make me choose: anonymous asked: derek’s alpha-ness or stiles’ facial expressions

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this gif of buff chris evans having to pretend like he can’t do a push-up is so important to me. 



Favorite off-screen friendships/relationships [ 1 / ? ]: Holland Roden and Daniel Sharman