i want more fics where stiles and derek date.

where stiles spends an hour picking out just the right combo of plaid and t-shirt, and derek changes henleys 50 times to find the one he thinks stiles would like the best.

where stiles paces around his room, then around the…

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make me choose meme × derek hale or lydia martin

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Derek Hale Meme - OTP

You don’t trust me, I don’t trust you. But you need me to survive.

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"What would I give for a playboy who couldn’t keep it in his pants, and who runs through women? What I have is a son who shows no interest in them. What you do at night with your boys, after your show of skirt-chasing, is a disgrace."

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See you brought out the best of me
A part of me I've never seen
You took my soul and wiped it clean
Our love was made for movie screens
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Dylan O’Brien Suits Up For ‘Fashionisto’ (X)

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Dylan O’Brien for ‘Fashionisto’ (2014)

Dylan O’Brien for ‘Fashionisto’ (2014)

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Derek Hale + sass

giveaway | for sour-alphawolf

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#OH LOOK #STILES IS JUST ABOUT TO— #lol no #just kidding

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